Windwalker Training
Windwalker Training

Tim Scarberry, owner of WindWalker Training, has been around horses his whole life. Growing up on a farm in Fenton, Michigan with long family ties in Kentucky, Scarberry always had an interest in horses and horsemanship. After years of operating a successful construction company Scarberry returned to his first love;

"My horse training business started off as just helping a person here or there. Simply put, I could help friends and neighbors get their horses to stand quiet and easily load them into a trailer." Now Scarberry has expanded his clients ability to interact with their horses in unparalleled ways. "I believe that it is my calling to show people who love horses how to have the relationship that they want with their horse. I can offer them that opportunity."

Our Methods

Our methods are simple, we believe natural horsemanship is the only way to work with a horse.
At Windwalker Farms our philosophy with the horses is to use the communications skills that
the horses use with each other. They communicate with body language and eye contact and
in turn that is what we use as well. It's all about asking the horse in his terms if he'll allow
you to do these things and listening to what he wants to do.

"The problem is not the horse. It's the communication between the horse and its handler.
I get the horse where he needs to be, and then work in gaining confidence in the handler.
Every rider has to become the leader of that horse."

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We understand the impatience and frustration that can mount when a horse won't do what
you want it to do. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you build a
better relationship with your horse and start enjoying each other's purpose.

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