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Windwalker Training


The foals of Windwalker Farms are bred to be an excellent trail riding partner. First of all our Stallion Windwalkers Best Kept Secret is a proven producer of intelligent, quick learning trail horses that can be worked with in any capacity, as demonstrated by Windwalkers Top Secret. We then only breed mares that have proven themselves to be great trail horses.

We then raise our foals and only handle them with natural horsemanship. We implement our system from the start. Our foals are only handled by approved horseman. Our goal is that they never have a negative experience with any person.

What Our System is

  1. Teach the horse that we understand them that they must pay attention to us and show them that we can communicate with them with body language and eye contact
  2. Desensitize the horse to sounds motion and foreign materials. This teaches them how to ignore their flight instinct, think about what is happening around them and they learn how to manage their behaviors during a stressful situation.
  3. Introduce them to obstacles. This teaches them to evaluate the terrain around them and become responsible for and pay attention to where their feet are.
  4. Get them out on the trail to but all the lessons learned during previous training into practical applications during the trail riding our focus is on the calm relaxed horse walking on a loose rein. Once this is accomplished we begin to teach them to move their shoulders and hips from leg pressure working into side pass.

We do have colts for sale please contact us if interested, all colts that are sold will have 4 months worth of training on them and the last 30 days before they are to go home you will be given 30 days of training with your horse to understand the techniques to continue your relationship with your horse.


The Wind Walker Farms stallion
recently traveled to Kentucky last May
for a trail ride with his 79 year old
previous owner. WWF took the previous
owner and stallion down to Kentucky
so he could take one more ride on him.
They were on a trail ride with 104 other
horses and the stallion was perfect.
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